Kinetic Instabilities

Detailed description

Numerical simulations of kinetic instabilities driven by non Maxwellian distribution functions.


List of simulations

Electron Whistler and Mirror Instabilities
Electron whistler and mirror instabilities by the electron perpendicular temperature anisotropy (Hellinger and Stverak, 2018).

Available products: B, Bx, By, Bz, Electron Density, Proton Density, Ue, Up, Uxe, Uxp, Uye, Uyp, Uze, Uzp


X axis parallel to the ambient magnetic field.

Initial conditions

Initialization with a homogeneous plasma with beta_e=10 and Tper_e/Tpar_e=1.52


Grid: Nx=1024x1024 (subgrid of 2048x2048), Time step: dt=0.025/Omega_e. Cell size: dx=dy=2*Lamda_e

Simulation presets

    (no presets available for this simulation)

Products in simulation

  • B - Magnitude of the magnetic field
  • Bx - Magnetic field component Bx
  • By - Magnetic field component By
  • Bz - Magnetic field component Bz
  • Electron Density - Electron number density
  • Proton Density - Proton bulk velocity component Dnp
  • Ue - Magnitude of the electron bulk velocity
  • Up - Magnitude of the proton bulk velocity
  • Uxe - Electron bulk velocity component Uxe
  • Uxp - Proton bulk velocity component Uxp
  • Uye - Electron bulk velocity component Uye
  • Uyp - Proton bulk velocity component Uyp
  • Uze - Electron bulk velocity component Uze
  • Uzp - Proton bulk velocity component Uzp
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