Detailed description

Numerical simulations of turbulence in magnetized collisionless plasmas.


List of simulations

Standard 2D PIC hybrid simulation of plasma turbulence in the plane perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field (Hellinger et al., ApJL, 2018).

Available products: B, Bx, By, Bz, Density, U, Ux, Uy, Uz


X and Y axes perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field.

Initial conditions

Initialization with (zero cross-helicity) large-scale Alvenic modes with dB_rms=0.25 B_0 and beta_i=beta_e=1/16.


Grid: Nx=Ny= 2048 (subgrid of 4096^2); Time step: dt=0.0025/Omega_p. Cell size: dx=dy=0.125 d_p (double of 0.0625 d_p used in the simulation).

Simulation presets

    (no presets available for this simulation)

Products in simulation

  • B - Magnitude of the magnetic field
  • Bx - Magnetic field component Bx
  • By - Magnetic field component By
  • Bz - Magnetic field component Bz
  • Density - Proton number density
  • U - Magnitude of the proton bulk velocity
  • Ux - Proton bulk velocity component Ux
  • Uy - Proton bulk velocity component Uy
  • Uz - Proton bulk velocity component Uz
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